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Inspired by Bralyn kyrie Sheppard Simms

Blue Eagle Mars 

This BMX Style E-bike is inspired by someone like Bralyn .

Tough, Bold, Quiet and most of all a leader!

Keep Bralyn in your prayers as he serves time in the Airforce to defend our Country


Bralyn Sheppard

Family First!

Before I Had My Own kids I had Bralyn. 

My Nephew is all grown up now and I wanted to make sure he knew. He had a special place in my heart.

He has completed his basic training and is all set to begin his Journey Touring, Texas, Washington, and  Nebraska. 

I'm extremely proud of him and satisfied with his decision to better his life and defend our Nation. 



The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight, and win...airpower anytime, anywhere.

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