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Our Story

Making Lemons out of lemonade

About Us

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My Lemonade Stand for Mill Creek Park: Cruise The Creek!

Remember those lemonade stands that popped up everywhere, run by enthusiastic young entrepreneurs? Those kids are all grown up now, and so am I. But the pandemic threw us all a curveball. Businesses shut down, and our community lost a lot, especially activities for the youth. Gone are the days of local skating rinks, replaced by car washes. Stuck at home, my two teenage sons, ages 16 and 13, were glued to their screens, and I knew something had to change.

Then it hit me: Mill Creek Park! This incredible 2,658-acre park sits right on our doorstep, yet so much of its beauty goes unnoticed. We often take it for granted, speeding through in cars, missing the hidden trails and scenic treasures.

This got me thinking about those lemonade stands, a symbol of youthful initiative and community spirit. Cruise The Creek became my "lemonade stand" for my boys and our community. Their e-bikes are the ice-cold glasses of refreshing lemonade – a chance for everyone to explore the park in a whole new way.

I encouraged my sons to give back, to share their love for the park, and to help others appreciate its many gifts. Cruise The Creek was born from that desire.


Have you ever driven through Mill Creek Park?

It's massive! Miles of scenic beauty remain undiscovered because they're inaccessible by car or require tackling steep hills. Even if you find a gem, enjoying the moment is tough, constantly worried about cars needing to pass. Cruise The Creek aims to change that.


Love cycling?

A bike is a fantastic way to experience the park – the thrill of the hills, the excitement of new discoveries around every bend. But let's be honest, those uphill climbs can be brutal! Suddenly, the park's beauty fades, replaced by the struggle to reach the top. Enter the e-bike – a fun way to exercise and enjoy the ride. With e-bikes, you have the option to put in the effort or cruise effortlessly up the hills, all while enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise.


All I ask is that you love these bikes

take good care of them, and tell your friends! Booking with us is our gift to you. Our mission is simple: get you off the screens, out of the house, and soaking up the sunshine while exploring the beauty of Mill Creek Park.

Adventure awaits

The Departure

April 30th, 2022

After nearly 15 years at ALDI, our paths diverged shortly after the peak of the pandemic. A philosophical rift emerged regarding staff management. The director informed me that retaining someone with such an entrepreneurial spirit did not align with ALDI's direction. They considered me too bold and ambitious in handling my staff, deeming it best to part ways.

Throughout those 14-plus years, instead of music during my commutes to Salem, Boardman, or Warren, I invested in an Audible account. I listened to audiobooks on business, leadership, and management. Even while unloading freight each morning for three hours before opening, I absorbed audiobooks rather than music.

ALDI taught me invaluable real-life experiences, from customer service to multitasking at the highest level. Navigating the pandemic effortlessly demonstrated how to pivot effectively.

The Silver Lining: Though leaving ALDI initially felt like the end of the world, I had developed severe sciatica from years of wearing steel-toe shoes and working on hard floors, making it best to depart. Additionally, with young children, my wife and I struggled to maintain such a high position working a consistent 8 AM to 6 PM shift, making it virtually impossible to get our kids to and from school without our parents' help.


Without the abrupt exit from a company I loved, I wouldn't have the capacity to pursue what I'm doing today.

The Moment of Clarity

June 6th, 2022

The Pandemic Pause

The pandemic had its grip on the world, but for me, it offered an unexpected window. While others were locked down, the housing market swung open, and we landed our dream home - right across from Mill Creek MetroParks, a place that held countless family memories.

This wasn't just about a new house, though. It was a catalyst for a life shift. On a family vacation to Sarasota, Florida, 1,100 miles away, reality hit me hard. Standing in an Aldi parking lot, I realized I'd missed 15 years with my kids. My eldest son was already 15, my parents were aging, and time, I knew, was my most precious asset.


A Soul Search on the Coast

Every Florida morning, I'd escape to the coastline before sunrise. Watching the waves crash, I wrestled with what came next. Leaving everything I knew behind was a daunting prospect, but the risk felt strangely liberating.

Then, at a red light, it struck me. An e-bike rental shop. Tourists and locals cruised by on these electric beauties, laughter echoing in their wake. This wasn't just a Florida thing, it could be ours too.


Idea Ignited

I bolted back to the beach house, the idea sizzling in my mind. My wife and I talked through it, the excitement building. By the time we returned home, two Mars e-bikes awaited, gleaming symbols of a new beginning. Cruise The Creek wasn't born on Bears Den Road, it was born on that Florida coast, fueled by the ocean waves and the urgency of stolen time.


The Uphill Ride

Coming Soon

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