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Wow! That was fun! If you know how to ride a bike, you will absolutely love an electric bike. Most customer's who ride are first time users of electric bikes. See what they had to say.


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Illuminated Objects

I had a blast pulling my son around the park got some exercise and tons of fun! The bikes go nice and fast and you can cover a lot of the park in a short amount of time! I can’t wait to book again and bring a picnic basket!!!!

Colleen Joyce


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Exploring Mill Creek on an e bike was an adventure! Pat was friendly and knowledgeable...I will definitely be back for another ride!

Beth B


Yelp Review

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Picnic Basket

We had a great time on our hour ride. We went all over. Great for beginners (me) and experts (my husband). I told Pat and I’ll say it again - this service is great to Youngstown and I felt like we were on a vacation adventure. We’ll definitely ride again soon!

Laura Melnick


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Shaun McGuire, Ohio

My mom and I rented the bikes for an hour. We had a rough start due to some knee trouble. Pat was so patient and helpful. Right when we thought we were going to have trouble - he showed up ready to help. This was really a great experience. Highly recommend

Jim Merhaut, Ohio

Love this idea! The owner was friendly and helpful! I rode my ebike and my wife rented one. Her bike performed great! This is a great way to get more people to use the park. I highly recommend it!

Lindsey Ware, Ohio

Pat was very friendly and literally guided us through how to use the motorized bikes and guided us through Mill Creek Park with stopping at some beautiful sites for pictures 📸. He was very accomedationg and let us take our time on the tour. I highly recommend renting these bikes from "Cruise the Creek". It was SO MUCH FUN!! I would give 10 stars if I could. Great time, all around--we will be back!

Rated 4.8/5.0

Cathy Lavernuick, Ohio

This was so much fun! Thank you Patrick for being so helpful and informative. I was able to see the park from a different perspective and I got to see parts of the park I haven’t visited before! This was such a fun experience with my friends and a lot easier than I thought. A must do Youngstown activity!
Clear Water Lake

Penny Huffman, Ohio

Love this idea! The owner was friendly and helpful! I rode my ebike and my wife rented one. Her bike performed great! This is a great way to get more people to use the park. I highly recommend it!

Ronald Wright, Ohio

We had a blast. Bikes are comfortable and riding is an easy ease. We’ll be back again.
This place is first class and such a wonderful experience. Booking online was easier than ordering a pizza. The owner Pat was incredibly nice, hospitable and was excellent with communication both in person and via text. His bike rentals were of great quality and everything worked excellent of them. We especially enjoyed the rear view mirrors located on all his bikes. These might not seem like a big deal, but when you are riding on the road they bring extra security and peace of mind to know you can see what’s coming from behind. Lastly…. And this is the most important. His prices are extremely fair and affordable. In a world where everything is overpriced… this place is extremely fair with their cost which will keep me coming back more and more. Don’t miss out on this place!

John Craig, Ohio

Great way to get around the park! The owners were very kind. Recommend!
Super awesome experience! Pat was very helpful and very patient! Extremely professional and kind! My wife and I had a wonderful experience! We will definitely be back!
cory jenkins.jpg
Highly recommend; we had a blast it was beautiful! Also pat was very nice & prices are great!
Tree Shadows on Wall

Kirby C, Ohio

First time riding an electric bike today and I'm now hooked. So much so I just bought one online. But the owner is great. Simply park at the lot and walk right across the street. The bikes are very comfortable and after a few minutes your learn it pretty quick. Such a great idea for the park and I hope more people start to hear about this and go rent one! Especially in the fall

Joanne Green, Ohio

This was a GREAT experience! It is an amazing way to enjoy Mill Creek Park we will be back. Everyone should try at least once. Pat is so helpful and encouraging. He shares his passion and makes sure you are confident and safe before sending you out. And an extra shoutout for teaching his sons how to work and be young business men!

Audrey Allen, Ohio

What a fun way to enjoy beautiful Mill Creek Park. I never rode that type of bike before. Pat was very good at explaining all you needed to know to have a great experience. After a few minutes you learn pretty quickly. I will definitely be back!

Susan Romeo, Pennslyvania

This was so fun and beautiful this time of year Took my 2 grandsons The owner is AWESOME!! Can’t wait to go again
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