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We try to cover a lot on this website but here is a list of our most frequently asked questions!

  • Is there information on the local area including route maps or points of interest?
    Yes, after you reserve online and receive your email confirmation, you’ll receive an email with links that help you source good routes to ride in the area. Plus, ask the Staff Member when you pick up your bike – most employees are very knowledgeable about the local area and are the best source for up-to-date riding conditions.
  • How do you protect my privacy / information?
    We value your privacy as much as we value your business. Under no circumstance do we provide unnecessary access to your personal or transaction information (except as required by law). All credit card transactions are conducted via a secure encripted connection and we do not store your credit card information after the completion of a rental. For complete details please refer to our privacy policy.
  • Can kids ride Cruise The Creek ebikes?
    Yes, kids ages 13 and up can ride the electric bike. however, Height Specifications must be met. We Have upgraded models that require you to be 16 years of age.
  • What size bike is right for me?
    Your height range (or age-range for kids) is often included in the name of the bike or in the Category/Directory that is used to organize rental inventory. You should confirm the correct “fit” when you pick up your bike. If the bike you selected is not the right fit, the rental location will gladly make minor adjustments or provide a suitable alternative (if available). For Bike Specifications visit
  • Do I have to sign a Liability Release?
    Yes, cycling can be a dangerous activity and we want you to clearly understand these risks and what responsibility each involved party has regarding your rental. Online reservations through, requires the user to agree to terms and conditions, which includes a Liability Release, Waiver and Indemnification.
  • What happens if I get a flat tire?
    We strongly recommend that you always carry a cell phone when you ride as well as the phone number of the rental location. Should you have a mechanical problem, stop riding and move to a safe location before using your phone. Contact the rental location for further instructions.
  • Can someone else ride the bike I rent?
    Bikes are only to be ridden by the individual specified during the rental checkout process and as outlined in the Waiver, Release & Indemnification.
  • What if the bike is stolen or damaged?
    The renter is held responsible for rental bikes and equipment from the time it is released to the renter’s custody until the time it is checked back in. To avoid additional fees, make sure to always care for and protect your rented equipment as if it were your own. It should be returned in essentially the same condition as it left the shop. If needed, check your credit card and homeowner’s policy for possible coverage.
  • How fast do Cruise The Creek ebikes go?
    Cruise The Creek offers Hey Bike brand electric bikes. With speeds up to 20 - 25 miles per hour on flat Terrain and 34 miles per hour on large Hills.
  • What does Pedal Assist mean?
    Pedal assist is a mode that provides power only when you are pedaling. The pedal assist mode is also nice because you can focus purely on your pedaling and you don't have to hold the throttle in a certain position. Excessive use of the throttle will drain the battery much faster reducing the maximum Mile Range, and is not recommended unless you have mobility issues.
  • Which Cruise The Creek ebikes are Pedal Assist?
    All of Cruise The Creek's electric bikes have both pedal assist and throttle.
  • What does Throttle Mode mean?
    When the throttle is engaged the motor provides power and propels you and the bike forward. A throttle allows you to pedal or just kick back and enjoy a “free” ride! Our throttles are pressure sensitive and can quickly reach speeds at full power up to 20 miles per hour maximum on flat terrain *Excessive use of the throttle dramatically decreases battery life and The Overall Range of the Bike*
  • Are ebikes allowed on the road?
    An e-bike is just like any other bike and are allowed on roads and in bike lanes. Mill Creek Park does not allow most bikes on trails. Sign postings will be available when entering a forbidden hiking trail. Please follow traffic laws, be safe, and have fun!
  • How is your ebike fleet maintained?
    Cruise The Creek contracts with local Bike and car mechanics, to ensure the Bike is in prime condition for your experience. All Covid-19 Cleaning procedures are followed as well to ensure safe travels.
  • Why should I reserve a bike in advance?
    Some rental items have bike charging times and limited quantities. Not to mention “out of stocks” do happen. A reservation ensures an item is held with adequate battery life. We value the riding experience and strive to help you have a great cruise. Reservations ensure a bike is held for you and helps us better serve you when you arrive by often speeding up the checkout process.
  • Is the price online the same price as if I walk in?
    No! Walk ins are currently not accepted. Book Online at
  • How are charges calculated?
    All rentals are charged on a time basis. Select your Start Date and Start time (the day you pick-up) and select the item you’d like to reserve. Visit our Shop Page to create a simulated Invoice or pay your trip in full. Only up front cost required however is your security deposit! ($20 or 1 Hour Ride Rate)
  • Do I need to leave a deposit?
    To secure your reservation, you are required to pay a Reservation Deposit Fee to secure your reservation. At selected times; full payment may be required as deposit for your reservation. The Balance Due and taxes (if applicable) are paid when you pick up the rented items(s). In addition, an ID and Security Deposit are required when picking up rented items.
  • Can I change a reservation?
    Yes, in most cases your reservation can be revised to change dates, and times or equipment without penalty. Contact the shop or to make updates to existing reservations.
  • What’s your cancellation policy?
    If your plans change prior to 48 hours, no problem! Your reservation can be rescheduled, subject to availability, or we can issue you a refund. ​ Reservations made within 48 hours of a scheduled event are final and cannot be changed. In addition, no-shows and non-cancelled rentals will be charged for the reservation in full. ​ If your reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before your reservation, the cancellation fee is 25% of the total Reservation. If your reservation is cancelled less than 24 hours before your reservation, the cancellation fee 50% the price of the total reservation. ​ Please note that all cancellations must be received and confirmed by Cruise The Creek.
  • Do you offer rental insurance?
    No. Cruisethecreek does not currently offer insurance on rented bikes and equipment. One The Bike is handed over into your possession It is your Sole-Responsibility to maintain the integrity of the bike.
  • Cruise The Creek delivers?
    CRUISE THE CREEK does not have an ebike shop. We deliver directly to Scholl Recreation Area ( In or around the Pavilion.) This Is our Pick up and Drop off location unless specified and approved during the reservation process.
  • What if I want to rent an ebike, but I’m staying outside of Mill Creek Park?
    We are happy to meet you at Scholl Recreation Area on Bears Den Road. All Bikes fold and can be easily transported in an SUV.
  • Can I demo an ebike first?
    Yes! Give us a call: 330.406.9686
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