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Bike Trail

Kirk Road

#Trailside Journey
Journey The Mill Creek Metro Parks Bikeway
7 E-Bikes in the fleet

#Trailside Journey

The bikeway winds through wooded areas, open fields, and

alongside scenic lakes and ponds, providing a diverse and enjoyable

experience for users.

The Bikeway is well maintained and offers a smooth surface for easy travel. It is

suitable for all skill levels and ages, making it a popular destination for families and

outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to the natural beauty of the trail, there are also

amenities such as benches, picnic areas, and interpretive signage along the way.

These features enhance the overall experience and provide opportunities for rest and

education about the surrounding environment. Overall, the Mill Creek MetroParks Bikeway

is a wonderful resource for outdoor recreation and a great way to explore the natural beauty of the area. Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll, a challenging bike ride, or a scenic skate, the Bikeway has something to offer for everyone.

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