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#Extended Odyssey

Ohio - Michigan - Pennsylvania - West Virginia - Kentucky - Indiana

and Beyond

three rivers pittsburgh.jpg
three rivers pittsburgh.jpg


Since our e-bikes fold up, they become incredibly portable and convenient for our customers. This benefit is especially appealing for travelers, commuters, or anyone who needs to transport their e-bike in a SUV, on public transportation, or even on an airplane. It allows for a seamless multi-modal travel experience.


Folding e-bikes take up minimal space, making them ideal for customers with limited storage options, such as those Traveling to apartments, condos, or Hotels. They can easily store the folded e-bike in their living spaces without taking up too much room.


With a folding e-bike, our customers can explore paved trails, parks, and natural areas, and then easily fold the bike and take it with them to their next destination, whether it's a restaurant, a museum, or a shopping center. This versatility allows them to combine recreation and urban exploration seamlessly.

Hide and Seek


Folding e-bikes can be carried onto public transportation, such as buses or trains, without the hassle of having to find designated bike racks or storage areas. This accessibility makes your rental service appealing to customers who want to incorporate e-bike riding into their daily commute or travel plans.



Renting a folding e-bike eliminates the need for our customers to worry about securing a traditional bike when they reach their destination. They can simply fold the e-bike and take it with them, reducing the risk of theft or damage.


Unique Experience:

Offering folding e-bikes sets our rental service apart from competitors, providing a unique and memorable experience for your customers. This can attract adventurous individuals seeking a different and convenient way to explore the local area.

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