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Inspired by Zion "lil Z" Hensley

"Z"lectric Mars 

This BMX Style E-bike is inspired by someone like Zion.

Powerful, strong, versatile, independent and most of all a champion!

Follow along her young journey at Zion Hensley Official

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Zions Credentials


She is Mahoning Valley's first female National Champion in history.

Silver gloves 2019, Silver Medalist

USANBC 2020, Silver, Medalist

2021 USANBC Shreveport, LA, Gold, Medalist

2021 Junior Olympics Lubbock, TX, Gold Medalist

Silver gloves 2022, Silver Medalist

Cleveland qualifier 2022, Silver Medalist

2023 Detroit Olympic national qualifier, Gold Medalist.


2023, USA female Nationals Female National Champion, Toledo OH 

2023, USANBC National Bronze medalist, Lafayette, LA

kelly pav 2023DSC_0707-Edit.jpg


As Zion competes across the nation make sure you have her back on your back by supporting her clothing line to cover ever-growing travel expenses

Purchase a Pure Grit T-Shirt or Hoodie

Cruise The Creek LLC is proud and honored to support local talents like Zion who have the ambition and drive 

to dream bigger and do better. We firmly believe 

There's no "I" in Youngstown.

kelly pav 2023DSC_0707-Edit.jpg
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